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Solvent: Quiz


Question 1: Unless the desiccant used can destroy the peroxides, they will concentrate during distillation due to their higher ________.
Melting pointPhase transitionCritical point (thermodynamics)Boiling point

Question 2: Many others can damage internal organs like the liver, the kidneys, or the ________.
Nervous systemSensory systemDigestionBrain

Question 3: hexane, petrol ether), in detergents (citrus terpenes), in perfumes (________), and in chemical synthesis.
Ethanol1,4-ButanediolFlumazenilAlcoholic beverage

Question 4: The advantage of using sodium/benzophenone is that moisture and ________ is removed as well.

Question 5: Avoid being exposed to solvent vapors by working in a ________, or with local exhaust ventilation (LEV), or in a well ventilated area
Fume hoodBuretteAgar plateAutoclave

Question 6: In extreme cases the peroxides can form ________ solids within the vessel of the ether.
Solid-state physicsCrystalCrystal structureCarbon

Question 7: The mixing is referred to as miscibility, whereas the ability to dissolve one compound into another is known as ________.
SolubilityPartition coefficientSolubility equilibriumSolvent

Question 8: [6] In ________ the use of polar protic solvents favors the SN1 reaction mechanism, while polar aprotic solvents favor the SN2 reaction mechanism.
ChemistryHydrogenChemical reactionNitrogen

Question 9: sucrose) or ionic compounds, like inorganic ________ (e.g.
SaltSodium chlorideWaterHypertension

Question 10: Exceptions are some chlorinated solvents like dichloromethane and ________.
BromoformChloroformCarbon tetrachlorideMethyl iodide

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