Solomon: Quiz


Question 1:
When did Solomon die?
400 BCE
about 20 BCE
298 BCE
c.932 BCE

Question 2:
Who played Abishag the movie Solomon?
Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Anouk Aimée
Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Vivica A. Fox

Question 3: Solomon had seven hundred ________ and three hundred concubines.

Question 4:

Question 5: Near the end of his life Solomon was forced to contend with several enemies including Hadad of ________, Rezon of Zobah, and one of his officials named Jeroboam who was from the tribe of Ephraim.

Question 6:
When was the reign of Solomon?
971 - 931 BCE
1713 - 1740

Question 7: The Qur'an refers to Sulayman as the son of ________ (Arabic: Dawud, Dawood, or Dawoud), a prophet and a great ruler imparted by God with tremendous wisdom, favor, and special powers (like his father).

Question 8:
In the third volume of The Baroque Cycle, The System of the World, a mysterious member of the entourage of Czar ________, named "Solomon Kohan" appears in early 18th century London.
Alexis of RussiaCatherine II of RussiaNicholas II of RussiaPeter I of Russia

Question 9:
When was Solomon born?
circa 6 BCE
circa 660
circa 1000 BCE
circa 1963

Question 10:
Who of the following was a child of Solomon?
Maru00EDa de la Luz
Albert II

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