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Solin, Croatia: Quiz


Question 1: Local bus lines from Split to Kaštela, ________, Klis and Sinj also stop in Solin centre.
TrogirStari Grad, CroatiaMakarskaHvar (city)

Question 2: The city covers an area of 18 km², situated in the central part of the Split conurbation, 8 km north of Split, 6 km east of Kaštela, 22 km east of ________ and 4 km south of Klis.
MakarskaHvar (city)Stari Grad, CroatiaTrogir

Question 3: In the ________ Solin was part of the Croatian territory and played an important role in Medieval Croatian state, being one of capital cities.
Byzantine EmpireHigh Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesKievan Rus'

Question 4: In the 20th century intensive ________ process of the Split basin made Solin no more than a suburb of Split.
IndustrialisationIndustrial RevolutionIslamic Golden AgePoverty

Question 5: ________ in Salona probably originated during the time of the apostles.
BaptistEcumenismChristian denominationChristianity

Question 6: That city, located on the ________ coast, with excellent sea connections with Italy and the Middle East, attracted Christian messengers of faith.
Aegean SeaIonian SeaAdriatic SeaMediterranean Sea

Question 7: Siscia's bishop from the region ________ joined the Dalmatian bishops on the synods held in Salona in the years 530 and 533 as a member with full rights.
PannoniaDacia (Roman province)Upper PannoniaRoman Britain

Question 8: Solin (Latin and Italian: Salona) is a town in Dalmatia, ________.

Question 9: Salona was an early Roman settlement, which became overshadowed when Emperor Diocletian constructed the nearby Diocletian's Palace in about the year 300 ________.
Julian calendarByzantine calendarGregorian calendarAnno Domini

Question 10: A big roundabout south of the city centre is a major intersection with a D1 (E59) road that connects the area of Split ________ with the A1 Zagreb-Split highway.
ConurbationMegalopolis (city type)LondonLos Angeles


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