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Question 1: Although solid-state costs continually drop, disks, tapes, and ________ also continue to improve their cost/performance ratio.
Holographic Versatile DiscOptical discBlu-ray DiscHD DVD

Question 2: Current flow can be understood in two forms: as negatively-charged ________, and as positively-charged electron deficiencies called electron holes or just "holes".

Question 3: A whisker-like wire was moved around on a solid crystal (such as a ________ crystal) in order to detect a radio signal.

Question 4: More recently, the ________ (IC), the light-emitting diode (LED), and the liquid-crystal display (LCD) have evolved as further examples of solid-state devices.
Integrated circuitMOSFETCentral processing unitElectrical engineering

Question 5: [2][3] While solid-state can include crystalline, polycrystalline and ________ solids and refer to electrical conductors, insulators and semiconductors, the building material is most often crystalline semiconductor.
GlassAmorphous solidGlass transitionLiquid

Question 6: [6] The solid-state device came into its own with the invention of the ________ in 1947.
TransistorSemiconductor deviceBipolar junction transistorIntegrated circuit

Question 7: Examples of non-solid-state electronic components are vacuum tubes and ________ (CRTs).
Cathode ray tubeLiquid crystal displayPlasma displayOrganic LED

Question 8: A considerable amount of ________ and quantum-mechanical action takes place within the device.
Maxwell's equationsMagnetic fieldClassical electromagnetismElectromagnetism

Question 9: Solid-state ________ are those circuits or devices built entirely from solid materials and in which the electrons, or other charge carriers, are confined entirely within the solid material.
ElectronicsEngineeringElectrical engineeringElectronic engineering

Question 10: The expression became prevalent in the 1950s and the 1960s, during the transition from vacuum tube technology to semiconductor ________ and transistors.
Semiconductor deviceDiodeElectronic componentLight-emitting diode


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