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Solid oxide fuel cell: Quiz


Question 1: A solid oxide fuel cell is made up of four layers, three of which are ________ (hence the name).
Ceramic engineeringCeramic materialsCeramicPottery

Question 2: The most common material used is a cermet made up of ________ mixed with the ceramic material that is used for the electrolyte in that particular cell, typically YSZ (yttria stabilized zirconia).

Question 3: Rolls-Royce is developing solid-oxide fuel cells produced by ________ onto inexpensive ceramic materials.
Screen-printingInkjet printerTextileSilk

Question 4: Research is going now in the direction of lower-temperature SOFC (600°C) in order to decrease the materials cost, which will enable the use of metallic materials with better mechanical properties and ________.
SilverCopperAluminiumThermal conductivity

Question 5: Electrochemically speaking, the anode’s job is to use the oxygen ions that diffuse through the electrolyte to oxidize the hydrogen ________.
FuelNuclear powerEnergyCoal

Question 6: Unlike most other types of ________, SOFCs can have multiple geometries.
Zinc-air batteryLead-acid batteryFlow batteryFuel cell

Question 7: The higher operating temperature make SOFCs suitable candidates for application with heat engine energy recovery devices or ________, which further increases overall fuel efficiency.
Wind powerHydroelectricityMicro combined heat and powerCogeneration

Question 8: Fuel cells are characterized by their electrolyte material and, as the name implies, the SOFC has a solid oxide, or ________, electrolyte.
Ceramic materialsPotteryCeramicCeramic engineering

Question 9: The ________, or air electrode, is a thin porous layer on the electrolyte where oxygen reduction takes place.
Galvanic cellBattery (electricity)AnodeCathode

Question 10: Solid oxide fuel cells are a class of fuel cell characterized by the use of a solid oxide material as the ________.
ElectrolyteHalf cellLead-acid batteryIon


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