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Question 1: They needed a bass they could play like a guitar-a fretted bass.”[10] ________ heard these criticisms and took his telecaster model and adopted it to a bass guitar.
Leo FenderFender Musical Instruments CorporationFender StratocasterFender Precision Bass

Question 2: Solid-body instruments are preferred in situations where ________ may otherwise be a problem and are inherently both less expensive to build and more rugged than acoustic electric instruments.
Noise rockAlternative rockPunk rockAudio feedback

Question 3: ________ and Gibson went on to make more well-known models.
Fender Musical Instruments CorporationBass guitarFender Musical Instruments Corporation product listFender Stratocaster

Question 4: The SG and the ________ are still in production today.
Bing CrosbyUnited StatesLes PaulBlues

Question 5: ________, even those with strings such as the electric grand piano.
Electric pianoBilly PrestonClavinetWurlitzer electric piano

Question 6: While Les Paul was looking for a manufacture for his log, Leo Fender was working on the ________.
Fender StratocasterFender Tele Jr.Fender TelecasterElectric guitar

Question 7: The first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar was the ________ (The early Telecaster models had no model name on the head stock and are now referred to as 'No Casters") in 1950.
Fender StratocasterFender TelecasterFender Telecaster CustomFender Tele Jr.

Question 8: In the 1940s, ________ created a guitar called the “Log,” which came “from the 4” by 4” solid block of pine which the guitarist had inserted between the sawed halves of the body that he’d just dismembered.
BluesLes PaulBing CrosbyUnited States

Question 9: The follow-up to the ________, the Stratocaster, came out in 1954.
Electric guitarFender TelecasterFender Tele Jr.Fender Stratocaster

Question 10: The first commercially successful solid-body instrument was the ________ frying pan lap steel guitar, produced from 1931 to 1939.
Electric guitarRickenbacker 360/12RickenbackerRickenbacker 4001


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