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Soleus muscle: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the origin of Soleus muscle?
Alagoas state
fibula, medial border of tibia
Nottingham, England
Brooklyn, New York USA

Question 2: Not all mammals have a soleus muscle; one familiar species that lacks the soleus is the ________.
Coat (dog)Dog breedDog healthDog

Question 3:
Soleus muscle supplies nerves to which organ?
femoral nerve
tibial nerve, specifically, nerve roots L5–S2
a branch of the dorsal primary division of the suboccipital nerve
2nd through 5th intercostal nerves

Question 4: Its other end forms a common ________ with the gastrocnemius muscle; this tendon is known as the calcaneal tendon or Achilles tendon and inserts onto the posterior surface of the calcaneus, or heel bone.

Question 5: In humans and some other mammals, the soleus is a powerful ________ in the back part of the lower leg (the calf).
TorsoFasciaHead and neck anatomyMuscle

Question 6: It runs from just below the ________ to the heel, and is involved in standing and walking.
Lower limbHuman legHipKnee


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