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Soldering iron: Quiz


Question 1: The most advanced soldering irons are digital and control temperature via a microprocessor in the station that monitors a ________ inside the tip, increasing or decreasing the power on the tip based on the selected temperature.

Question 2: Pyramid tips with a triangular flat face and chisel tips with a wide flat face are useful for soldering ________.
ForgingMetalworkingBrazingSheet metal

Question 3: A low-power iron (15-30 ________) is suitable for this work.

Question 4: Recent soldering iron tips tend to be ________ copper, to increase the lifetime by many times.

Question 5: ________ - A simple 'instant heat' soldering iron
AthaliteSurface-mount technologyElectrostatic dischargeColdHeat

Question 6: The working surface of the tip is usually kept tinned (coated with wet solder) to minimize ________.

Question 7: The simplest of these is a variable power control, much like a ________, which together with the loss of heat from the iron to the environment roughly sets the temperature.
DimmerSwitched-mode power supplyLight fixtureCompact fluorescent lamp

Question 8: With the very few irons that use a steel tip, this needs carrying out more frequently, as tip shaft corrosion (________) is liable to break the iron.
Alloy steelStainless steelRustCast iron

Question 9: ________ - Melting two objects to be joined into each other.
Gas metal arc weldingWeldingArc weldingGas tungsten arc welding

Question 10: This helps to prevent "cold joints", where hot solder is applied by the iron to a relatively cold target, shrouding it in solder to look like a good joint, but without ________ it properly, and without forming a good connection.
WettingWaterContact angleSurface tension


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