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Soldering gun: Quiz


Question 1: Soldering guns produce too much heat for joints on ________.
Gerber FileSurface-mount technologyPrinted circuit boardSchematic capture

Question 2: The Weller company was bought in 1970 [3] and merged into the ________ group.
RIDGIDCooper ToolsCooper IndustriesStanley Works

Question 3: The spike can be seen when a high-efficiency ________ is soldered, as the LED flashes.
Fluorescent lampLight-emitting diodeGas-discharge lampLED lamp

Question 4: They can be used for heavy electrical connections, ________ assembly, and light sheet-metal work.
SculptureCeramic artGlassblowingStained glass

Question 5: A soldering gun is a tool for soldering metals using tin-based ________ to achieve a highly conductive contact.


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