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Soldato: Quiz


Question 1: Another soldier might be a great money earner and report directly to the boss, like ________ soldier Robert DiBernardo did in the 1980s when Paul Castellano was boss.
Gambino crime familyLucchese crime familyGenovese crime familyBonanno crime family

Question 2: A Soldato (Italian for Soldier) is the lowest level of the formal ________ hierarchy.
Sicilian Mafia CommissionMafiaBernardo ProvenzanoSalvatore Riina

Question 3: A boss's son like Alphonse Persico of the ________, may be a soldier, but all family members and wiseguys from other families know from early on that he is being groomed for bigger things.
Lucchese crime familyGambino crime familyGenovese crime familyColombo crime family

Question 4: Others such as ________ soldier George Barone react to their loss of power by becoming informers.
Bonanno crime familyGambino crime familyLucchese crime familyGenovese crime family


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