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Question 1: Another concept for solar propulsion in space is the ________.
Bussard ramjetGravity assistSolar sailSpacecraft propulsion

Question 2: In May 2007 a partnership of Canadian companies lead by Hymotion altered a ________ to use solar cells to generate up to 240 watts of electrical power in full sunshine.
Toyota Corolla (E140)Toyota AvalonToyota PriusToyota Vitz

Question 3: Other proposals for solar spacecraft include ________ heating of propellant, typically hydrogen or sometimes water is proposed.
Solar powerHybrid solar lightingSolar thermal energySolar energy

Question 4: An interesting variant of the electric vehicle is the triple hybrid vehicle—the ________ that has solar panels as well to assist.
Plug-in hybridElectric carAlternative fuel vehicleHybrid electric vehicle

Question 5: Solartaxi has toured the World from July 2007 till December 2008 to show that solutions to stop global warming are available and to encourage people in pursuing alternatives to ________.
Carbon taxFossil fuelBiofuelCarbon sink

Question 6: Most solar cars have been built for the purpose of ________.
Solar car racingSolar vehicleSolar cellWorld Solar Challenge

Question 7: PV cells are made of semiconductor materials such as ________ and alloys of indium, gallium and nitrogen.

Question 8: This arrangement is sometimes found in free standing or integrated ________ to harness wind energy.
SailSail-planFore-and-aft rigGunter

Question 9: Fitting ________ with solar cells would extend their range and allow recharging while parked anywhere in the sun.
Battery electric vehicleElectric carPlug-in hybridGeneral Motors EV1

Question 10: The solar array consists of hundreds of photovoltaic ________ converting sunlight into electricity.
PhotovoltaicsSolar energySolar cellDye-sensitized solar cell


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