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Solar sail: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, Forward described a light sail propelled by superlasers.
RocheworldArtificial intelligenceSolar sailRobert L. Forward

Question 2: Although this appears to be far less that the 1367 W/m2 of light energy, unlike light energy, this is more directly transferred into momentum and ________.
Mass–energy equivalenceKinetic energyClassical mechanicsSpecial relativity

Question 3: On February 4, 1993, Znamya 2, a 20-meter wide aluminized-mylar reflector, was successfully tested from the Russian ________ space station.
Space habitatMirShuttle–Mir ProgramInternational Space Station

Question 4: Another example is the 1962 story "Gateway to Strangeness" (also known as "Sail 25") by ________, in which the outward direction of propulsion poses a life-threatening dilemma.
Jack VanceDying EarthThe Dragon MastersThe Five Gold Bands

Question 5: The first is an inertial ________ centred on the Sun or a heliocentric inertial frame (HIF, for short).
Parabolic coordinatesCylindrical coordinate systemCartesian coordinate systemSpherical coordinate system

Question 6: The first is photonic pressure which is small but relatively consistent, and the second is due to ________ which at times are less predictable, but far more powerful.
Solar windSunCoronal mass ejectionHeliosphere

Question 7: Author and scientist ________ depicted a "yacht race" between solar sail spacecraft in the 1964 short story Sunjammer.
Arthur C. ClarkeThe Last Theorem3001: The Final Odyssey2001: A Space Odyssey

Question 8: It has been proposed that momentum exchange from reflection of photons is an unproven effect that may violate the thermodynamical ________.
Thermodynamic cycleHot air engineHeat engineCarnot cycle

Question 9: For describing the concept of fast sailing and some related items, we need to define two ________.
Frame of referenceInertial frame of referenceFictitious forceCentrifugal force (rotating reference frame)

Question 10: The launch configuration is that of three adjacent ________, though a launch provider has not yet been selected.


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