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Question 1: The missing sun is often used to explain various natural phenomena, including the disappearance of the sun at night, shorter days during the winter, and solar ________.

Question 2: Even the ________, which is regarded as one of the most sacred of the Vedic hymns is dedicated to Savitr, one of the principal Ādityas.
Gayatri MantraRigvedaUpanishadsHinduism

Question 3: The Mahabharata describes one of its warrior heroes ________ as being the son of the Pandava mother Kunti and Surya.
ArjunaKarnaKurukshetra WarKrishna

Question 4: Chhath (Hindi: छठ, also called Dala Chhath) is an ancient Hindu festival dedicated to Surya, the chief solar deity, unique to ________, Jharkhand and the Terai.
Bihari cultureBihari peopleBiharPatna

Question 5: The Sun God in ________ is an ancient and revered deity.
BuddhismAyyavazhiHinduismIndian religions

Question 6: The dualism of sun/male/light and moon/female/darkness is found in many (but not all) late southern traditions in Europe that derive from Orphic and ________ philosophies.

Question 7: The Konark temple has also been declared a ________ world heritage site.
United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesSpecial Court for Sierra LeoneUNESCOUNICEF

Question 8: The many early Egyptian goddesses who are related as sun deities and the later gods Ra and ________ depicted as riding in a solar barge.
HorusSet (mythology)OsirisApis (Egyptian mythology)

Question 9: Earlier Egyptian myths imply that the sun is within the lioness, ________, at night and can be seen reflected in her eyes or that it is within the cow, Hathor during the night, being reborn each morning as her son (bull).
MutSekhmetMaahesEgyptian pantheon

Question 10: Solar deities and sun worship can be found through-out most of recorded ________ in various forms.
TimePeriodizationGeologic time scaleHistory

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