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Question 1: One day, Seleski and his colleagues were testing a new type of ________.
PlutoniumFusion powerNuclear fusionAneutronic fusion

Question 2: After falling into a black hole, he tried to recreate his ________.
UniverseRedshiftTimeBig Bang

Question 3: Doctor Solar did not have a ________ costume until the fifth issue of his comic.
Stan LeeSuperheroBatmanJack Kirby

Question 4: Bentley risked (and lost) his life trying to avert an imminent meltdown due to sabotage of a ________ facility by Dr.
Nuclear powerNuclear power debateUraniumNuclear reactor technology

Question 5: Originally known as Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom, he first appeared in a comic book published by ________ in the 1960s.
Warner Bros.Hanna-BarberaDisney comicsGold Key Comics

Question 6: In the early 1990s, Doctor Solar, Turok, and ________, were licensed by Valiant Comics, which planned to use the characters as part of Jim Shooter's new superhero line.
Solar (comics)Gold Key ComicsGeoff McHenry (Valiant Comics)Magnus, Robot Fighter

Question 7: Unfortunately, their efforts caused Seleski to lose control of his powers, which in turn caused Earth to fall into a giant ________.
Kerr–Newman metricSchwarzschild metricKerr metricBlack hole

Question 8: Solar is an American fictional ________ character.
ComicsGraphic novelComic bookAmerican comic book

Question 9: His original run lasted 27 issues, from October ________ to April 1969.

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