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Solanki: Quiz


Question 1: It is described as the golden period of ________'s chequered history.

Question 2: [2] The Solanki clan-name is found within the Rajput and ________[3] community of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.
GujjarBagri (clan)KhokharNanda

Question 3: Bandogarh served as the seat of the Solankis of Bagelkhand until its destruction by the Mughal emperor ________ in 1597.
JahangirHumayunBaburAkbar the Great

Question 4:
Solanki, Tomara dynasty and Rathore are all:
Rajput clans of Gujarat Social groups of Gujarat Rajput clans of Uttar Pradesh Rajput era

Question 5:
Solanki, Raja and Sandhu are all:
History of India Ruling Jain clans Chalukyas Khatri clans

Question 6: The territory under the sway of the Solankis came to be known by different variations of the word Gurjar like Gurjardesh, Gurjara-Rastra, Gurjaratra and finally ________.

Question 7: Dashrath Sharma states that Solankis were of ________ origin, though from the work of other scholars it has been shown that Solankis were descendents of the Gujjars.
BhumiharUttar PradeshBiharBrahmin

Question 8: Munshi states that Solanki along with other Agnikula Kshatriyas are of ________ origin.
NandaKhokharBagri (clan)Gujjar

Question 9:
Solanki, Patel and Dhobi are all:
Social groups of Gujarat Rajput clans of Gujarat Chalukyas Rajput clans

Question 10: The Solankis were patrons of the great seaside temple of Shiva at Somnath Patan in Kathiawar; Bhima Dev helped rebuild the temple after it was sacked by ________ in 1026.
Greater IranGhaznavidsGreat Seljuq EmpireMahmud of Ghazni


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