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Soil structure: Quiz


Question 1: Cultivation, ________, frost action and rodents mix the soil and decreases the size of the peds.

Question 2: Granular structure is common in the surface soils of rich ________ and highly amended garden soils with high organic matter content.

Question 3: This combination of ease in tillage, good moisture and air handling capabilities, and good structure for planting and ________, are definitive of the phrase good tilth.
AlgaeFlowering plantSeedGermination

Question 4: Structure is very important since (along with soil texture) it affects the ________ of the soil.
Water contentPorosityHydraulic conductivityPermeability (earth sciences)

Question 5: This structure allows for good ________ and easy movement of air and water.
Permeability (earth sciences)Hydraulic conductivityPorosityWater content


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