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Soil mechanics: Quiz


Question 1: When the seepage velocity is great enough, ________ can occur because of the frictional drag exerted on the soil particles.
Mouth barDuneErosionRiver delta

Question 2: The concept of effective stress is one of ________'s most important contributions to soil mechanics.
Geotechnical engineeringArthur CasagrandeKarl von TerzaghiRetaining wall

Question 3: In the Classical Method, developed by ________, soils are tested with an oedometer test to determine their compression index.
Karl von TerzaghiRetaining wallGeotechnical engineeringArthur Casagrande

Question 4: The quantity of seepage under ________ and sheet piling can be estimated using the graphical construction known as a flownet.
Water turbineDamHydropowerHydroelectricity

Question 5: Soil ________ controls the size, shape, and physical and chemical properties of soil particles and thus its load-carrying ability and compressibility.
SulfurMineralogyMaterials scienceGold

Question 6: Clay particles arise from weathering of rock crystals like ________, and commonly consist of alumino-silicate minerals.

Question 7: Soil mechanics is a discipline that applies principles of ________, e.g.
Classical mechanicsContinuum mechanicsApplied mechanicsStatics

Question 8: K has the units m/s and is the average velocity of water passing through a porous medium under a unit ________.
Pelton wheelHydroelectricityHydraulic headDam

Question 9: Together with rock mechanics, it is the basis for solving many engineering problems in ________ (geotechnical engineering), geophysical engineering and engineering geology.
Environmental engineeringElectrical engineeringCivil engineeringStructural engineering

Question 10: Consolidation is a process by which ________ decrease in volume.
ClayWater wellLandslideSoil


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