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Question 1: Objects in the liquefied sand sink to the level at which the weight of the object is equal to the weight of the displaced sand/water mix and the object floats due to its ________.
BuoyancyForceFluid staticsSurface tension

Question 2: It was also a major factor in the destruction in San Francisco's Marina District during the 1989 ________.
1989 World Series1989 Loma Prieta earthquake1911 World Series1905 World Series

Question 3: Although the effects of liquefaction have been long understood, it was more thoroughly brought to the attention of engineers and seismologists in the Niigata, Japan and ________.
Russian AmericaAlaska Native Claims Settlement Act1964 Alaska earthquake1925 serum run to Nome

Question 4: Soil liquefaction was a major factor in the destruction in San Francisco's Marina District during the 1989 ________.
1911 World Series1905 World Series1989 Loma Prieta earthquake1989 World Series

Question 5: Deformation during cyclic loading will depend on the ________ of the soil, the magnitude and duration of the cyclic loading, and amount of shear stress reversal.

Question 6: Soil liquefaction describes the behavior of ________ that, when loaded, suddenly suffer a transition from a solid state to a liquefied state, or having the consistency of a heavy liquid.
Water wellLandslideClaySoil

Question 7: Quick clay has been the underlying cause of many deadly ________.
LandslideSoilMass wastingEarthquake

Question 8: Such deposits are often found along riverbeds, ________, dunes, and areas where windblown silt (loess) and sand have accumulated.
BeachCliffCoastCoral reef

Question 9: Undisturbed quick clay resembles a water-saturated ________.
SiliconeColloidGelGel (disambiguation)

Question 10: Some of these are ancient, and may have been triggered by ________.
LandslideS-waveEarthquakeGeotechnical engineering


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