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Soil contamination: Quiz


Question 1: These changes can manifest in the alteration of metabolism of endemic microorganisms and ________ resident in a given soil environment.

Question 2: Aeration of soils at the contaminated site (with attendant risk of creating ________)
ParticulateAir pollutionSmogRoadway air dispersion modeling

Question 3: ________, involving microbial digestion of certain organic chemicals.
Marine pollutionPollutionBioremediationWater pollution

Question 4: ________/CERCLA established strict rules on legal liability for soil contamination.
United States Environmental Protection AgencySuperfundAgency for Toxic Substances and Disease RegistryToxics Release Inventory

Question 5: Cleanup or remediation is analyzed by environmental scientists who utilize field measurement of soil chemicals and also apply ________ for analyzing transport[7] and fate of soil chemicals.
PhysicsSimulationSocial sciencesComputer simulation

Question 6: This technique also applies to dredging of ________ containing toxins.
MudflatRichardson BaySan Francisco Bay AreaBay mud

Question 7: The ________ believes it to be a threat to the environment, to food safety and to sustainable agriculture.
China Meteorological AdministrationMinistry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of ChinaState Council of the People's Republic of ChinaPeople's Bank of China

Question 8: The result can be virtual eradication of some of the primary food chain, which in turn have major consequences for ________ or consumer species.
PredationApex predatorHerbivoreCarnivore

Question 9: Mapping of contaminated soil sites and the resulting cleanup are time consuming and expensive tasks, requiring extensive amounts of geology, hydrology, ________ and computer modeling skills.
Inorganic chemistryPeriodic tableElectrochemistryChemistry

Question 10: Even if the chemical effect on lower life forms is small, the lower pyramid levels of the ________ may ingest alien chemicals, which normally become more concentrated for each consuming rung of the food chain.
HerbivoreFood chainCarnivorePredation


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