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Soil conservation: Quiz


Question 1: The viability of soil organisms can be compromised when insecticides and ________ are applied to planting regimes.
Glyphosate2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic acidHerbicide2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

Question 2: ________ are symbiotic associations between soil-dwelling fungi and the roots of vascular plants.
FungusMycorrhizaArbuscular mycorrhizaAscomycota

Question 3:
Soil conservation, Input-output model and Land use are all:
Land management Landscape architecture Sustainable agriculture Regional science

Question 4: Promoting the viability of beneficial soil organisms is an element of soil conservation; moreover this includes macroscopic species, notably the ________, as well as microorganisms.

Question 5:
Soil conservation, Soil and Weathering are all:
Soil Land management Environmental soil science Sustainable agriculture

Question 6: A sequel to the deforestation is typically large scale erosion, loss of soil nutrients and sometimes total ________.

Question 7: A special form of this perimeter or inter-row treatment is the use of a “grassway” that both channels and dissipates runoff through surface friction, impeding ________, and encouraging infiltration of the slowed surface water[4].
Surface runoffWater pollutionEutrophicationMarine pollution

Question 8: The change in the groundwater level due to ________ construction led to high concentration of salts in the water table.
DamWater turbineHydropowerHydroelectricity

Question 9: Soil conservation is a set of management strategies for prevention of ________ being eroded from the earth’s surface or becoming chemically altered by overuse, acidification, salinization or other chemical soil contamination.
ClayWater wellSoilLandslide

Question 10: Here they form a mutualistic relationship with the plant, producing ammonia in exchange for ________.


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