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Software patent: Quiz


Question 1: Whether the ________ requirement is applied too loosely to software;[4] and
Business method patentInventive step and non-obviousnessPrior artEuropean patent law

Question 2: To obtain a patent, inventors must file ________ in each and every country in which they want a patent.
Patent prosecutionPatent applicationNovelty (patent)Japanese patent law

Question 3: Different countries have different ways of dealing with the question of ________ in relation to software patents.
Business method patentInventive step and non-obviousnessPrior artEuropean patent law

Question 4: These agreements allow each party to practice the other party's patented inventions without the threat of being sued for ________.
Patent infringementPatent infringement under United Kingdom lawPatent infringement under United States lawPatent prosecution

Question 5: In ________, "schemes, rules and methods of performing mental acts, playing games or doing business, and programs for computers" are non-patentable inventions under Sec.
PhilippinesEast TimorUnited StatesPapua New Guinea

Question 6: In 2005 ________ announced that they were making a portfolio of 1,600 patents available through a patent license called Common Development and Distribution License.
Sun MicrosystemsOpenJDKJava (programming language)Java (software platform)

Question 7: Substantive law regarding the patentability of software and computer-implemented inventions, and ________ interpreting the legal provisions, are different under different jurisdictions.
Case lawCommon lawShariaCivil law (legal system)

Question 8: Draft versions of the ________ version 3 may also conflict with patents on software by preventing any patent holder from enforcing their patents against a user if said patent holder also distributes software covered by those patents under the GPL.
GNOMEGNU General Public LicenseFree Software FoundationGNU Lesser General Public License

Question 9: Companies that have done this include ________, Microsoft, Nokia, Novell,[36] Red Hat,[37] Sun Microsystems and Unisys.
General ElectricIBMHewlett-PackardIntel Corporation

Question 10: Companies that have this business model are pejoratively referred to as ________.
Patent trollPatentabilityResearch In MotionIntel Corporation

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