Software engineering: Quiz

Question 1: ________ have been dealing with the complexity of large systems for many decades and their knowledge is applied to many software engineering problems.
Electrical engineeringSafety engineeringSystems engineeringArtificial intelligence

Question 2: [22] Although statistics do not currently show a threat to software engineering itself; a related career, ________ does appear to have been affected.
Computer programmingSoftware testingRequirements analysisSoftware design

Question 3: Software engineering is related to the disciplines of ________, project management, and systems engineering.
Computer scienceComputer programmingRequirements analysisProgramming paradigm

Question 4: A software system for managing the hardware called an operating system was also introduced, most notably by ________ in 1969.
Man pageGNU Core UtilitiesAWKUnix

Question 5: [27] In 2004 the ________ produced the SWEBOK, which has become an ISO standard describing the body of knowledge covered by a software engineer[citation needed].
IEEE Reliability SocietyIEEE Communications SocietyIEEE Computer SocietyIEEE Control Systems Society

Question 6: For example, an online futures market called the "ITJOBS Future of IT Jobs in America"[15] attempts to answer whether there will be more IT jobs, including software engineers, in 2012 than there were in ________.

Question 7: the ________ has developed a legally recognized professional certification called Chartered IT Professional (CITP), available to fully qualified Members (MBCS).
Maurice WilkesNew Zealand Computer SocietyChartered Engineer (UK)BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Question 8: [2][3] Since then, it has continued as a ________ and field of study dedicated to designing, implementing, and improving software that is of higher quality, more affordable, maintainable, and quicker to build.
First professional degreeLicensureBritish qualified accountantsProfession

Question 9: When the first modern digital ________ appeared in the early 1940s,[7] the instructions to make them operate were wired into the machine.
ComputerCentral processing unitLinuxPersonal computer

Question 10: The IEEE's Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge - 2004 Version, or SWEBOK, defines the field and describes the knowledge the IEEE expects a practicing ________ to have.
History of software engineeringSystems engineeringComputer programmingSoftware engineer

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