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Software development process: Quiz


Question 1: Examples of formal methods include the B-Method, Petri nets, ________, RAISE and VDM.
Propositional calculusFirst-order logicGödel's incompleteness theoremsAutomated theorem proving

Question 2: The ________ shows a process, where developers are to follow these phases in order:
Software development processWaterfall modelAgile software developmentExtreme Programming

Question 3: ________ uses iterative development as a basis but advocates a lighter and more people-centric viewpoint than traditional approaches.
Software testingExtreme ProgrammingAgile software developmentScrum (development)

Question 4: Examples are ________, and Internet Business Logic, which does not seek to control the vocabulary or syntax.
Knowledge representation and reasoningAttempto Controlled EnglishFirst-order logicQuantification

Question 5: The largely growing body of ________ organizations implement process methodologies.
Computer programmingSoftware designSoftware developmentSoftware testing

Question 6: The important task in creating a software product is extracting the ________ or requirements analysis.
Extreme ProgrammingAgile software developmentObject-oriented programmingRequirement

Question 7: ________ are mathematical approaches to solving software (and hardware) problems at the requirements, specification and design levels.
Software designRequirements analysisSoftware engineeringFormal methods

Question 8: Many of them are in the defense industry, which in the ________ requires a rating based on 'process models' to obtain contracts.
PhilippinesCanadaAlaskaUnited States

Question 9: Implementation is the part of the process where ________ actually program the code for the project.
Requirements analysisSoftware engineeringSoftware designSystems engineering

Question 10: ________ is an integral and important part of the software development process.
Requirements analysisComputer programmingSoftware testingSoftware maintenance


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