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Software development methodology: Quiz


Question 1: In object-oriented programming, programmers can think of a program as a collection of interacting objects, while in ________ a program can be thought of as a sequence of stateless function evaluations.
Functional programmingDeclarative programmingProgramming paradigmImperative programming

Question 2: ________ (SSADM) from 1980 onwards
Rapid application developmentDynamic Systems Development MethodStructured Systems Analysis and Design MethodStructured analysis

Question 3: Generally includes ________ (JAD), where users are intensely involved in system design, either through consensus building in structured workshops, or through electronically facilitated interaction.
Knowledge workerInformation systems disciplineJoint application designDynamic Systems Development Method

Question 4: A largely growing body of ________ organizations implement process methodologies.
Software testingSoftware designSoftware developmentComputer programming

Question 5: ________ is a family of modeling languages, the most notable of which include IDEF0 for functional modeling, IDEF1X for information modeling, and IDEF5 for modeling ontologies.
IDEFSoftware development methodologyData modelFunction model

Question 6: A software framework may include support programs, code libraries, a ________, or other software to help develop and glue together the different components of a software project.
Programming languageProgramming paradigmScripting languageMetaprogramming

Question 7: Some typical CASE tools are ________ tools, Data modeling tools, Model transformation tools, Refactoring tools, Source code generation tools, and Unified Modeling Language.
Requirements analysisSystems Development Life CycleConfiguration managementFunctional specification

Question 8: One of the oldest software development tools is ________, which has its roots in the 1920s.
DiagramBusiness process mappingFunctional flow block diagramFlowchart

Question 9: Furthermore, we all have different interests in a given system and different reasons for examining the system's ________.
Test methodFunctional specificationVerification and validationSpecification (technical standard)

Question 10: LePUS3 is an ________ visual Design Description Language and a formal specification language that is suitable primarily for modelling large object-oriented (Java, C++, C#) programs and design patterns.
Programming paradigmUnified Modeling LanguageObject-oriented programmingObject (computer science)


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