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Question 1: Some, such as ________[6] and Alice in Wonderland,[7] received positive reviews from noted critics such as Roger Ebert.
Sylvia KristelEmmanuelle (film)EmmanuelleEmmanuelle 2

Question 2: Today, softcore nude photographs of models appear in publications such as Perfect 10, or ________ newspapers such as Britain's The Sun's Page 3.
United KingdomTabloidThe TimesBroadsheet

Question 3: [3] Erections of the ________ may not be allowed (see Mull of Kintyre Test), although attitudes towards this are changing.
BreastRectumReproductive systemPenis

Question 4: Examples of American softcore ________ include METart, FemJoy, MyHi, and Perfect 10.
PhotographyCameraDigital photographyHolography

Question 5: Photographers use a combination of cosmetics, lighting and ________ techniques to produce the most physically appealing image of the model possible.
H. R. GigerAirbrushWilson IrvinePhoto manipulation

Question 6: Softcore porn precludes explicit depictions of vaginal or anal penetration, ________, fellatio and ejaculation.
Safe sexCunnilingusAnal–oral sexOral sex

Question 7: Softcore pornography, also known as Soft Porn, is a form of filmic or photographic ________ or erotica that is less sexually explicit than hardcore pornography.
Nude photographyPornographyHolographyPhotography

Question 8: Softcore pornography depicts nude and semi-nude performers engaging in casual social nudity or non-graphic representations of sexual intercourse or ________.
Human sexual behaviorMasturbationOrgasmEjaculation

Question 9: In Japan, the softcore theatrical ________ has been a major cinematic genre since the early 1960s.
OmorashiDaydream (1964 film)Pink filmTetsuji Takechi

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