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Soft drink: Quiz


Question 1: Generally it is also implied that the drink does not contain milk or other ________ products.

Question 2: Brands of more international soft drinks such as Fanta and ________ are more likely to come in round-figure capacities.
New York Red BullsMonster EnergyBurn (energy drink)Red Bull

Question 3: They used birch bark (see birch beer), ________, sarsaparilla, fruit extracts, and other substances.
TaraxacumPortuguese languageEnglish languageSpanish language

Question 4: A large number of soft drinks are ________ and some may have a pH of 3.0 or even lower.
OxygenAcid dissociation constantAcid–base reactionAcid

Question 5: Sodium benzoate has been investigated as a possible cause of ________ and hyperactivity.
Homologous recombinationGeneCell cycleDNA repair

Question 6: Several countries have standard ________ packaging with a container deposit typically ranging from 0.15 to 0.25: bottles are smelted, or cleaned and refilled; cans are crushed and sold as scrap aluminum.
BiofuelWasteZero wasteRecycling

Question 7: "After soda ban nutritionists say more can be done", ________, May 4, 2006
Telegram & GazetteStar-BannerThe Boston GlobeThe New York Times

Question 8: [29] Drinking acidic drinks over a long period of time and continuous sipping can therefore erode the ________.
Tooth (human)Tooth developmentTooth enamelDental caries

Question 9: The drink (similar to Sarspirilla) is still available today but made with flavorings and carbonated water since the Safrole in the original recipe was found to be ________.

Question 10: On 19 May 2006, the British Education Secretary, ________, announced new minimum nutrition standards for school food.
Jack StrawDavid BlunkettKenneth ClarkeAlan Johnson

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