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Question 1: The industry also has increased the use of two other substances – ________ and erythorbate – in the curing process, which are known to deplete residual nitrite and inhibit the production of N-nitrosamines." [12]
Vitamin B12VitaminVitamin CVitamin C megadosage

Question 2: ________ (public domain)
United States Department of Health and Human ServicesUnited States Department of DefenseUnited States CabinetUnited States Department of Homeland Security

Question 3: Sodium nitrite also has been used in human and veterinary medicine as a vasodilator, a bronchodilator, and an antidote for ________.
Carbon monoxide poisoningLead poisoningCyanide poisoningMercury poisoning

Question 4: Research is ongoing to investigate its applicability towards treatments for sickle cell anemia, cyanide poisoning, heart attacks, ________, and pulmonary hypertension in infants.
Cerebral aneurysmVascular diseaseCarotid artery stenosisCerebral venous sinus thrombosis

Question 5: As a food additive, it serves a dual purpose in the food industry since it both alters the color of preserved fish and meats and also prevents growth of ________, the bacteria which causes botulism.
Clostridium tetaniClostridium perfringensClostridium botulinumClostridium difficile

Question 6: The preservative prevents growth of bacteria, but studies have linked eating it to various types of ________.

Question 7: The synthetic utility of such a reaction is to render the amino group labile for ________, as the N2 group is a better leaving group.
Elimination reactionSN2 reactionNucleophilic substitutionSN1 reaction

Question 8: As of June 2004, the American Medical Association concludes that: "Data are irrefutable that when ingested in high concentrations nitrites can cause ________.
AnemiaGlucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiencySulfhemoglobinemiaMethemoglobinemia

Question 9: Ascorbic acid for example, forms dehydroascorbic acid when oxidized, which when in the presence of nitrous anhydride, a potent nitrosating agent formed from sodium nitrate, reduces the nitrous anhydride into the ________ gas.
Carbon monoxideHydrogen sulfideNitric oxideNitrous oxide

Question 10: Sodium nitrite is used to convert ________ into diazo compounds.


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