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Sodium lauryl sulfate: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the chemical name of Sodium lauryl sulfate (IUPAC)
Heptanoic acid
Sodium dodecyl sulfate

Question 2: In medicine, sodium laurilsulfate is used rectally as a laxative in enemas, and as an excipient on some dissolvable ________ and other fiber therapy caplets.
IbuprofenDiclofenacAspirinNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Question 3: [citation needed] This effectively imparts a negative charge on the ________ that is proportional to the mass of that protein (about 1.4 g SDS/g protein).

Question 4: It has recently found application as a surfactant in ________ or methane hydrate formation reactions, increasing the rate of formation as much as 700 times.
HydrogenOxygenEarthClathrate hydrate

Question 5:
Sodium lauryl sulfate, Soap and Sodium laureth sulfate are all:
Anionic surfactants Sodium compounds Cleaning product components Laxatives

Question 6: Due to this synthesis method, SLS is actually not pure dodecyl sulfate but a mixture of alkyl ________ with dodecyl sulfate as the main component.
Global dimmingOxygenSulfurSulfate

Question 7: The ________ that is created by binding of SDS causes proteins to unfold into a rod-like shape thereby eliminating differences in shape as a factor for separation in the gel.
Lorentz forceMaxwell's equationsElectrostaticsElectric charge

Question 8: The molecule has a tail of 12 carbon atoms, attached to a ________ group, giving the molecule the amphiphilic properties required of a detergent.
Global dimmingSulfateOxygenSulfur

Question 9:
Sodium lauryl sulfate, Borax and Surfactant are all:
Cleaning product components Laxatives Sodium compounds Anionic surfactants

Question 10:
Sodium lauryl sulfate, Acetone and Sugar are all:
Excipients Cleaning product components Anionic surfactants Sodium compounds

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