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Sodium hydroxide: Quiz


Question 1:
What is Sodium hydroxide also known as?
Chromium nitride
Caustic soda
prussic acid

Question 2: For the manufacture of ________, sodium hydroxide is used as a catalyst for the transesterification of methanol and triglycerides.
BiodieselFood vs. fuelEthanol fuelBiofuel

Question 3: The ________ or Filipino kakanin called kutsinta have lye to jellify the kutsinta.
Ethnic groups in the PhilippinesFilipino peoplePinoyPhilippines

Question 4: It is hygroscopic and readily absorbs ________ from the air, so it should be stored in an airtight container.
EarthWater resourcesOxygenWater

Question 5: Sodium hydroxide reacts readily with ________ to form their salts and is even a strong enough base to form salts with phenols.
Carboxylic acidEsterAlkaneAlcohol

Question 6: Protective equipment such as rubber gloves, ________ and eye protection should always be used when handling the material or its solutions.
High-visibility clothingRetroreflectorEmergency medical technicianCertified first responder

Question 7: Firstly raising alkalinity in ________ mud systems increases the mud viscosity.

Question 8: Sodium hydroxide was traditionally used to test for cations in ________, as well as to provide alkaline media for some reactions that need it, such as the Biuret test.
CopperLeadSilverQualitative inorganic analysis

Question 9: [7] Because of this the process is banned in many countries but in 2006, ________ used the process and then dumped the waste in Africa.
Carter-RuckThe GuardianTrafiguraGlencore

Question 10:
What is the chemical name of Sodium hydroxide (IUPAC)
N-Methyl-N-pentylnitrous amide
Sodium hydroxide

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