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Sodium chloride: Quiz


Question 1: Salt is currently mass-produced by ________ of seawater or brine from other sources, such as brine wells and salt lakes, and by mining rock salt, called halite.
Water vaporGasEvaporationTemperature

Question 2:
What is Sodium chloride also known as?
2-benzenearsonic acid disodium salt, Thoron, Thoronol
Perm salt
Nitric acid, iron salt
Common salt; halite; table salt; rock salt

Question 3: As the major ingredient in ________, it is commonly used as a condiment and food preservative.
Sodium chlorideHypertensionSaltWater

Question 4:
What is the chemical name of Sodium chloride (IUPAC)
Sodium chloride
Pentyl butanoate

Question 5:
Sodium chloride, Alcohol and Hydrogen peroxide are all:
Snow removal World Health Organization essential medicines Chlorides Antiseptics

Question 6: In these, the larger chloride ions, shown to the right as green spheres, are arranged in a cubic ________, while the smaller sodium ions, shown to the right as silver spheres, fill all the cubic gaps between them.
GeometryClose-packing of spheresSphere packingKepler conjecture

Question 7: ________ is preferred over sodium chloride, since CaCl2 releases energy upon forming a solution with water, heating any ice or snow it is in contact with.
Calcium chlorideDimethyl sulfoxideAmmonium chlorideMagnesium hydroxide

Question 8: Israeli and Jordanian salt evaporation ponds at the south end of the ________.
Caspian SeaDead SeaGreat Salt LakeMediterranean Sea

Question 9: Mounds of salt, Salar de Uyuni, ________.

Question 10: Schüßler's list of 12 Biochemic cell salts (names: "Nat Mur" for "Natrum muriaticum", etc.); ________
Arsenicum albumHomeopathic dilutionsHomeopathyList of homeopathic preparations

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