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Sodium-cooled fast reactor: Quiz


Question 1: FCCI is ________ melting between the fuel and the cladding; uranium, plutonium, and lanthanum (a fission product) inter-diffuse with the iron of the cladding.
Mercury (element)Eutectic systemGoldSilicon

Question 2: ________ is difficult to use as a coolant for a fast reactor because water acts as a neutron moderator that slows the fast neutrons into thermal neutrons.
EarthOxygenWaterWater resources

Question 3: The Sodium-cooled fast reactor or SFR is a ________ project to design an advanced fast neutron reactor.
Molten salt reactorNuclear reactor technologyUraniumGeneration IV reactor

Question 4: In contrast, sodium atoms are much heavier than both the oxygen and ________ atoms found in water, and therefore the neutrons lose less energy in collisions with sodium atoms.

Question 5: If sodium comes into contact with water it ________, and with air, it will burn.
EnergyExplosionExplosive materialSun

Question 6: While it may be possible to use ________ as a coolant in a fast reactor, this would require a very high pressure.
SolidSupercritical fluidLiquidTriple point

Question 7: The reactors are intended for use in nuclear power plants to produce nuclear power from ________.
Nuclear reactor technologyUraniumPlutoniumNuclear fuel

Question 8: Sodium also need not be pressurized since its ________ is higher than the reactor's operating temperature.
Critical point (thermodynamics)Melting pointPhase transitionBoiling point


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