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Sod: Quiz


Question 1: Similarly, bare sod inside is dirty, so the interior may be lined with ________, tarpaper, or plaster.

Question 2: Blockhouses have been constructed from sod, and it has also been used to make very effective berms or low ________.
CastleDefensive wallFortificationCity gate

Question 3: Sod has occasionally been cut out in blocks to use as a ________, especially in grasslands where grass is plentiful and few other materials are available.
Building materialTitaniumAluminiumTin

Question 4: The Roman-built ________ in Scotland was largely made from sod.
Antonine WallSt Kilda, ScotlandHadrian's WallWorld Heritage Sites in Scotland

Question 5: This construction was common during nineteenth century settlements of the Canadian and American ________.

Question 6: Sod or turf is grass and the part of the soil beneath it held together by the ________, or a piece of this material.
PlantFlowering plantPlant stemRoot

Question 7: For best long-term results, it is important to test the pH of the soil and to apply limestone powder (to the installed sod) if the soil is ________.
Acid dissociation constantAcidOxygenAcid–base reaction

Question 8: The term sod may be used to mean turf grown and cut specifically for the establishment of ________.
GrassDomestic sheepLawnPoaceae

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