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Sociology in medieval Islam: Quiz


Question 1: Medieval Islamic historians had attempted to decipher a number of ancient ________ systems.
Latin alphabetAlphabetWriting systemWriting

Question 2: The study of ________ began in Arab Egypt from the 9th century.
Egyptian hieroglyphsEgyptologyAncient Egyptian literatureAncient Egypt

Question 3: During the ________, the supervision of treasure hunters developed into a guild with its head known as Naqeeb al-Mutalibeen ("Chairman of the Guild").
Abbasid CaliphateRashidun CaliphateFatimid CaliphateUmayyad Caliphate

Question 4: As a physician, al-Baghdadi examined hundreds of ancient Egyptian ________ in order to resolve medical and anatomical questions.
MummyAncient Egyptian religionAncient Egyptian technologyEgyptian language

Question 5: The study of world history in the Islamic world was inspired by the concept of the oneness of humanity emphasized in the Qur'an and ________.
Sunni IslamIslamic schools and branchesHadithSharia

Question 6: [28] He also noted macroeconomic forces of population growth, ________ development, and technological developments effects on development.
EconomyHuman capitalEconomicsLaw and economics

Question 7: Perhaps due to resource scarcity in most Islamic nations, there was an emphasis on limited (and some claim also sustainable) use of ________, i.e.
Ecological economicsSustainabilityNatural capitalNatural environment

Question 8: ________ suggested the existence of Parkinson's disease and attributed photoreceptor properties to the retina.
Immanuel KantRelationship between religion and scienceAverroesRené Descartes

Question 9: ________ is considered a pioneer of environmentalism for his teachings on environmental preservation.

Question 10: Abu al-Hassan al-Hamadani of ________ (d.
Saudi ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesSomaliaYemen


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