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Question 1: In Britain, for example, there is a higher incidence of ________ features in the speech of people from a lower social class.

Question 2: This vocabulary strengthens ________ identity, and segregates them from the older generations.
Social groupSociologyCommunitySocial stratification

Question 3: The relationship between language and ________ has been much investigated; the evidence confirms that different social classes use language differently.
Upper classSocial classWorking classSocial stratification

Question 4: Whereas speakers from higher social classes are more likely to use Standard English, and their pronunciation will approximate ________.
West/Central Canadian EnglishReceived PronunciationGeneral AmericanEnglish language

Question 5: In ________, a sociolect is a social dialect (speech variety) spoken by a particular group, such as working-class or upper-class speech in the UK.


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