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Sociocultural evolution: Quiz


Question 1: Nonetheless, theories of social and cultural evolution were common in modern ________.
Contemporary philosophyMedieval philosophyWestern philosophyAncient philosophy

Question 2: At the same time, ________ created newly independent countries who sought to become more developed—a model of progress and industrialization which was itself a form of sociocultural evolution.
Non-Aligned MovementDecolonizationCyprusPhilippines

Question 3: Cultural evolution follows ________ which Gould and Eldredge developed for biological evolution.
Sexual selectionPunctuated equilibriumNatural selectionSpeciation

Question 4: Marshall McLuhan introduced the concept of the global village (The Gutenberg Galaxy, 1962), and this term was soon adapted by the researchers of globalization and the ________.
InternetWorld Wide WebInternet Relay ChatE-mail

Question 5: Critical theorists, as antipositivists, are critical of the Comtean idea of a hierarchy of sciences or scientific societies, particularly with respect to the sociological ________ originally set forth by Comte.

Question 6: Then neoevolutionism discards the ________ argument and introduces probability, arguing that accidents and free will greatly affect the process of social evolution.
CausalityDeterminismAristotleImmanuel Kant

Question 7: The most important factor in his theory is technology: Social systems are determined by technological systems, wrote White in his book,[8] echoing the earlier theory of ________.
Lewis H. MorganNew YorkAnthropologyUnited States

Question 8: When productivity and especially food productivity can no longer be increased, Bloomfield has proposed that man will have achieved a stable automated society (see also, e.g., ________ et al.
Andrey KorotayevArab peopleAnthropologyRussia

Question 9: domination of technocracy and pragmatism over traditional ________ and ideologies;

Question 10: Thus Tönnies can be said to describe part of the process known today as ________.
International Monetary FundASEANWorld Trade OrganizationGlobalization

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