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Sociocracy: Quiz


Question 1: Boeke saw sociocracy (in Dutch: Sociocratie) as a form of ________ or management that presumes equality of individuals and is based on consent.
BureaucracyPublic administrationCorporationGovernance

Question 2: The word sociocracy is derived from the ________ and Greek words socius (companion) and kratein (to govern).
LatinVulgar LatinRoman EmpireOld Latin

Question 3: These include corporations, small businesses, nursing homes, university departments, ecovillages and ________ communities, private schools, and international professional and educational membership organizations.
CohousingSuburbCanadaSingle-family detached home

Question 4: Sociocracy is a system of governance using consent-based decision making among equivalent individuals and an organizational structure based on ________ principles.
Talcott ParsonsControl theoryCyberneticsNorbert Wiener

Question 5: This equality is not expressed with the 'one man one vote' law of ________ but rather by a group of individuals reasoning together until a decision is reached that is satisfactory to each one of them.
Gottfried LeibnizDemocracyAuthoritarianismJohn Locke

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