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Socialization: Quiz


Question 1: The family is certainly important in reinforcing ________, but so are one’s friends, school, work and the mass media.
Butch and femmeHomosexualityGender identityGender role

Question 2: [9] Traditionally, socialists and Marxists both used the term "socialization of industry" to refer to the reorganization of institutions so that the workers are all owners (________) and to refer to the implementation of workplace democracy.
Free schoolCooperativeLibertarian socialismWorkers' self-management

Question 3: Individual views on certain issues, such as race or ________, may be socialized (and to that extent normalized) within a society.
Keynesian economicsHeterodox economicsEconomicsMoney

Question 4: Later scholars accused these theorists of socialization of not recognizing the importance of the ________ which, by the middle of the twentieth century were becoming more significant as a social force.
Mass mediaPublishingNews mediaInternet

Question 5: Family is responsible for the youth and, among other things, determining one's attitudes toward ________ and establishing career goals.
ReligionRelationship between religion and scienceAtheismSoul

Question 6: In ________, "socialized" has mistakenly come to refer, usually in a pejorative sense, to the ownership structure of socialism or to the expansion of the welfare state.
English languageAlaskaAmerican EnglishUnited States

Question 7: Racial socialization also buffers a child’s awareness of ________.
Ethnic cleansingRacial segregationSouth Africa under apartheidRacism

Question 8: Socialization is a term used by sociologists, social psychologists, ________, politicians and educationalists to refer to the process of inheriting norms, customs and ideologies.
Social anthropologyAnthropologyCultureSocial sciences

Question 9: Racial socialization also refers to the process of learning one’s ________ and how to live within it, but refers more specifically to the socialization of ethnic minority groups.
SlaveryCultureHuman rightsFamily

Question 10: Resocialization is a ________ concept dealing with the process of mentally and emotionally "re-training" a person so that he or she can operate in an environment other than that which he or she is accustomed to.
Systems theoryTalcott ParsonsSocial structureSociology


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