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Socialist Party (France): Quiz


Question 1:
What are the colours of the Socialist Party (France)?

Question 2: In the same time, some personalities of the right-wing of the party (such as ________) accepted to join the government nominated by Nicolas Sarkozy.
Dominique de VillepinMichel BarnierBernard KouchnerAlain Juppé

Question 3: New Socialist Party (Left-republicanism, ________): Henri Emmanuelli, Benoît Hamon, Jacques Fleury, Michel Vergnier, André Lejeune, Paul Quilès, Gérard Filoche
Socialist InternationalLibertarian socialismMarxismDemocratic socialism

Question 4:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Socialist Party (France)?

Question 5: In ________, Mitterrand won the Metz Congress, then, despite Rocard's popularity, was chosen as PS candidate for the 1981 presidential election.

Question 6: The Prime Minister Pierre Mauroy nationalised the banks, the insurance industry and the defence industries, in accordance with the 1972 ________.
President of the People's Republic of ChinaMao ZedongConstitutional history of the People's Republic of ChinaConstitution of the People's Republic of China

Question 7:
When was Socialist Party (France) founded?
Naantali, Finland

Question 8:
Where are the headquarters of Socialist Party (France)?
14 Boulevard Haussman, F-75009 Paris
central Paris
F-75019 Paris
75333 Paris Cedex 07

Question 9:
What ideology does Socialist Party (France) subscribe to?
Lithuanian Nationalism National Socialism,
Christian left,
National conservatism,
Social democracy,

Question 10:
What is the native name for Socialist Party (France)
Parti de Gauche
Parti communiste ru00E9volutionnaire voltau00EFque
Parti radical de gauche
Parti socialiste

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