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Question 1: ________ reduces the structures of (3) to particular rule system arrangements, that is, the types of basic structures of (1 and 2).
Social sciencesAnthony GiddensSocial rule system theoryLudwig Wittgenstein

Question 2: The notion of social structure is intimately related to a variety of central topics in social science, including the relation of ________.
Anthony GiddensStructure and agencyPierre BourdieuSociology

Question 3: Scott (2000), Social Structure, Buckingham and Philadelphia: ________.
WRTVMcGraw-HillStandard & Poor'sPlatts

Question 4: 'Social structure', in The Harper Collins Dictionary of Sociology, New York: ________.
William Morrow and CompanyNational Geographic WildHarperCollinsFox News Channel

Question 5: One of the earliest and most comprehensive accounts of social structure was provided by Karl Marx, who related political, cultural, and religious life to the ________ (an underlying economic structure).
Historical materialismMode of productionSurplus productMarxism

Question 6: normative structure — pattern of relations in given structure (organisation) between norms and modes of operations of people of varying ________
Social positionSocial stratificationSocial classSocial status

Question 7: It may be caused by larger system needs, such as the need for labour, management, professional and military classes, or by conflicts between groups, such as competition among political parties or among ________ and masses.
Social classRacismElitismElite

Question 8: Weber investigated and analyzed the institutions of modern society: market, ________ (private enterprise and public administration), and politics (e.g.
BureaucracyLawCivil societyExecutive (government)

Question 9: Social structure may be seen to influence important social systems including the ________, legal system, political system, cultural system, and others.
Economic systemTalcott ParsonsSociotechnical systemsComplex system

Question 10: One example of social structure is the idea of "________", which refers to the idea that society is separated into different strata (levels), guided (if only partially) by the underlying structures in the social system.
SociologySocial stratificationWorking classSocial class


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