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Question 1: ________, Beyond This Horizon, 1942
Robert A. Heinlein bibliographyTo Sail Beyond the SunsetFuture HistoryRobert A. Heinlein

Question 2: "The thought-destroying force" of McCarthyism influenced Ray Bradbury's ________ (1953).
Fahrenheit 451Brave New WorldNineteen Eighty-FourNovel

Question 3: ________ (1991 — now), by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. represents a fusion of science fiction and fantasy that can be described as social science fiction.
Horatio Alger, Jr.Spellsong CycleNovelThe Saga of Recluce

Question 4: Search for designation or Twenty seventh theorem of ethics (1994) and Devil amongst people (1991) are late novels of ________, exploring often the tragic Soviet epoch.
Monday Begins on SaturdayRoadside PicnicStalker (film)Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Question 5: One exception is an example of critique under Stalin — Evgeny Shvarts play The Dragon (1944), showing how ________ thrusts its roots into the hearts of the people.
FascismFascism and ideologyNazismTotalitarianism

Question 6: ________ won the 2007 Nobel Prize for literature.
Salman RushdieDoris LessingHarold PinterItalo Calvino

Question 7: It focused on the development of societies, generally dominated by ________ governments.
Fascism and ideologyNazismTotalitarianismFascism

Question 8: George R. Stewart, ________, 1949
The StandEarth AbidesApocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fictionScience fiction

Question 9: Anti-communism was a sort of national idea in ________ only for several years — it was well explored, so usually only small amounts of it can be found:
Russian cultureRussiaMoscowUnited States

Question 10: In 1921 ________ wrote his bitter novel We, forecasting the "victory of forces of reason over forces of kindness" in Soviet Russia; prior to perestroika it was known only in the West and influenced both Orwell and Huxley.
RussiansYevgeny ZamyatinJoseph StalinMaxim Gorky

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