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Social psychology: Quiz


Question 1: Their research tends to be empirical and quantitative, and it is often centered around laboratory ________, but there are some computational modeling efforts in the field.
Interaction (statistics)Statistical unitRandomized controlled trialExperiment

Question 2: They also favor separate ________ and professional societies.
Academic publishingAcademic journalOpen access (publishing)Scientific literature

Question 3: Their approach to the field focuses on the individual and attempts to explain how the ________, feelings, and behaviors of individuals are influenced by other people.
ThoughtLearningCognitive psychologyPerception

Question 4: Sociologists' work has a greater focus on the behavior of the group, and thus examines such phenomena as interactions and exchanges at the micro-level, group dynamics and ________, and crowds at the macro-level.
Caseworker (social work)Barefoot social workChild protectionGroup development

Question 5: Psychologists who study social psychology are interested in such topics as attitudes, social cognition, cognitive dissonance, social influence, and interpersonal behaviors such as altruism and ________.
TestosteroneMajor urinary proteinsEstradiolAggression


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