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Question 1: This was a hopeful philosophy, which in a ________ way sees real progress occurring in history.
Albert Ellis (psychologist)Rational choice theoryJürgen HabermasRationality

Question 2: The ________ is thought by Marx as a process of continual change, in which the growth of markets dissolve all fixities in human life.
CapitalismAnarcho-capitalismKeynesian economicsLaissez-faire

Question 3: "The ________ cannot exist without constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production, and thereby the relations of production, and with them the whole relations of society.
Social classRuling classWorking classBourgeoisie

Question 4: In the new vision, radical modernizers like Stalin and ________ appear as totalitarian despots, whose vision of social progress is held to be totally deformed.
Deng XiaopingZhou EnlaiMao ZedongChiang Kai-shek

Question 5: A big breakthrough was the ________ of 1789, which inspired a lot of new philosophical thought.
National ConventionNational Constituent AssemblyFrench DirectoryFrench Revolution

Question 6: They argue that society changes organically and naturally, and that grand plans for the remaking of society, like the French Revolution, National Socialism and ________ hurt society by removing the traditional constraints on the exercise of power.
MarxismCommunismCommunist stateFourth International

Question 7: Instead of being made completely by gods, there was increasing room for the idea that people themselves made their own society - and not only that, as ________ argued, because people practically made their own society, they could also fully comprehend it.
PlatoGiambattista VicoPhilosophyGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 8: ________, which returns to the old idea that nothing ever truly changes in the human condition, and the eternal values of religion.
NeoconservatismPaleoconservatismLeo StraussNational Review

Question 9: ________ was the leading exponent of this, although later-day liberals like Hayek have espoused similar views.
James BoswellEdmund BurkeSamuel JohnsonAdam Smith

Question 10: ________, which affirms the power and potential of change, but only on a personal, individual level.
NeoliberalismClassical liberalismFriedrich von HayekFree market


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