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Question 1: A good example of this is smaller religions based around the U.S., such as the ________.

Question 2: ________ is recognized as the first to clearly formulate the problem, to answer which he conceived the notion of a social contract.
Immanuel KantGottfried LeibnizThomas HobbesPlato

Question 3: For Marx, it is the ________ or economic structure which is the basis of a social order.
Law of valueHistorical materialismSurplus valueRelations of production

Question 4: This states the more norms and the more important the norms are to a ________, the better these norms tie and hold together the group as a whole.
DemocracyPolitical philosophyJürgen HabermasSociety

Question 5: "Status groups" can be based on a person's characteristics such as race, ________, sexual orientation, religion, region, occupation, physical attractiveness, gender, education, age, etc.
MoresEthnic groupSouth Asian ethnic groupsIndigenous peoples

Question 6: In societies, those who hold positions of power and authority are among the ________.
Upper classMiddle classSocial classWorking class

Question 7: Weber's insistence on the importance of domination and symbolic systems in social life was retained by ________, who developed the idea of social orders, ultimately transforming it into a theory of fields.
Critical theoryPierre BourdieuSociologySocial structure

Question 8: For instance, one can belong to a status group based on one's race and a ________ based on financial ranking.
Upper classWorking classSocial classSocial stratification

Question 9: The issue of social order, how and why it is that social orders exists at all, is historically central to ________.
Systems theorySociologySocial structureTalcott Parsons

Question 10: It refers to a set of linked ________, social institutions and social practices which conserve, maintain and enforce "normal" ways of relating and behaving.
Systems theorySocial structureTalcott ParsonsSociology

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