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Social network: Quiz


Question 1: One study has found that ________ tends to be correlated in social networks.

Question 2: [22] Only about 100 of these applications have issued as patents, however, largely due to the multi-year backlog in examination of ________ and ethical issues connected with this patent category [23]
Patentable subject matterBusiness method patentPatent prosecutionSoftware patent

Question 3: The network can also be used to measure ________ -- the value that an individual gets from the social network.
Social capitalPierre BourdieuSocial stratificationSociology

Question 4: A substantively-oriented ________ sociology group developed in the 1970s, centered on former students of Harrison White: S.D.
Harvard UniversityUniversity of Toronto ScarboroughUniversity of TorontoMcGill University

Question 5: The evolution of social networks can sometimes be modeled by the use of agent based models, providing insight into the interplay between communication rules, ________ spreading and social structure.
RumorAmerican and British English spelling differencesDigital object identifierGordon Allport

Question 6: Berkowitz, Harriet Friedmann, Nancy Leslie Howard, Nancy Howell, Lorne Tepperman and Barry Wellman, and also including noted modeler and game theorist ________.
Russell L. AckoffKenneth E. BouldingHeinz von FoersterAnatol Rapoport

Question 7: The small world phenomenon is the ________ that the chain of social acquaintances required to connect one arbitrary person to another arbitrary person anywhere in the world is generally short.
EmpiricismHypothesisPlatoScientific method

Question 8: ________, writing at the turn of the twentieth century, was the first scholar to think directly in social network terms.
PositivismSociologyCritical theoryGeorg Simmel

Question 9: They also were opposed to the methodological individualism espoused by another Harvard sociologist, ________, which was endemic among the dominant survey researchers and positivists of the time.
Lawrence Joseph HendersonSociologySocial exchange theoryGeorge C. Homans

Question 10: Mark Granovetter and ________ are among the former students of White who have elaborated and popularized social network analysis.
Talcott ParsonsSociologyTorontoBarry Wellman

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