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Question 1: Many other social movements were created at ________, where the process of mass education brought many people together.
Private schoolCollegeUniversityGymnasium (school)

Question 2: Occasionally social movements have been involved in ________ nations, but more often they have flourished after democratization.
Lech WałęsaHelmut KohlAnti-communismDemocratization

Question 3: For example, the label for the ________ political movement in 17th century England was applied to them by their antagonists, as a term of disparagement.
John LilburneOliver CromwellLevellersNew Model Army

Question 4: However others point out that many of the major social movements of the last hundred years grew up, like the ________ in Kenya, to oppose Western colonialism.
United KingdomNairobiMau Mau UprisingDedan Kimathi

Question 5: Social movements have been and continued to be closely connected with ________ political systems.
John LockeDemocracyAuthoritarianismGottfried Leibniz

Question 6: The ________ and socialist movement of the late 19th century are seen as the prototypical social movements, leading to the formation of communist and social democratic parties and organisations.
Trade unionAnarcho-syndicalismAustralian labour movementLabour movement

Question 7: Many social movements are created around some ________, i.e.
Charismatic authorityRational-legal authorityTraditional authorityTalcott Parsons

Question 8: Examples of such a movement would include a trade union with a goal of increasing workers rights, a green movement advocating a set of ecological laws, or a movement supporting introduction of a capital punishment or right to ________.
AbortionAbortifacientFetal rightsAbortion law

Question 9: In the post-war period, women's rights, gay rights, peace, civil rights, anti-nuclear and ________ emerged, often dubbed the New Social Movements.
Environmental movementEnvironmentalismEco-socialismGreen politics

Question 10: Finally, the spread of ________ and political rights like the freedom of speech made the creation and functioning of social movements much easier.
AuthoritarianismJohn LockeGottfried LeibnizDemocracy

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