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Question 1: [4]________ activist Jim Wallis responded with an open letter in which he invited Beck to a dialogue about the appropriate role of social justice in the church.
ChristianityEvangelicalismProtestant ReformationEcumenism

Question 2: The most complete rejection of the concept of social justice comes from Friedrich Hayek of the ________ of economics:
Lew RockwellLudwig von MisesAustrian SchoolFriedrich von Hayek

Question 3: One example is the statement by ________ that all people are "equally entitled to the respect of their fellow-men."
The World Set FreeH. G. Wells bibliographyH. G. WellsThe Time Machine

Question 4: ________, Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.
John RawlsOriginal positionA Theory of JusticePolitical philosophy

Question 5: In testing how well these elements fit and work together, Rawls based a key test of legitimacy on the theories of ________.
Political philosophyDemocracyLiberalismSocial contract

Question 6: Supporters of social darwinism believe that social justice assists the least fit to reproduce, sometimes labeled as ________, and hence should be opposed.
Intelligence quotientEugenicsDysgenicsRichard Lynn

Question 7:
Social justice, Leadership and Liberalism are all:
Practical theology Social work Social ethics Political philosophy

Question 8: Non-cognitivists, ________, moral nihilists, and most logical positivists deny the epistemic possibility of objective notions of justice.
Semantic externalismRelativismMoral skepticismPyrrhonism

Question 9: Social justice has more recently made its way into the field of ________.
BioethicsAristotleMedical ethicsConscience

Question 10: He wrote extensively in his journal Civiltà Cattolica, engaging both capitalist and socialist theories from a ________ viewpoint.
Natural lawGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel KantThomas Aquinas


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