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Social history: Quiz


Question 1: While proponents of history from below and the French annales school of historians have considered themselves part of social history, it is seen as a much broader movement among historians in the development of ________.
Military historyMuqaddimahHistoriographyIslamic Golden Age

Question 2: In this view, it may include areas of economic history, legal history and the analysis of other aspects of ________ that show the evolution of social norms, behaviors and more.
BureaucracyCivil societyExecutive (government)Law

Question 3: StoryCorps: National Social History Project Records Ordinary People Telling Their Stories - video by ________
Marc CooperAmy GoodmanDemocracy Now!Pacifica Radio

Question 4: Social history is an area of historical study, considered by some to be a ________, that attempts to view historical evidence from the point of view of developing social trends.
Scientific methodPseudoscienceSocial sciencesNatural science


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