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Social group: Quiz


Question 1: Consider the neighborhood, the country club, or the ________, which are basically territorial organizations who support large social purposes.
Christian denominationEvangelicalismMegachurchChristianity

Question 2: ________ - A gang is usually an urban group that gathers in a particular area.
Organized crimeChicago OutfitGangSerbian mafia

Question 3: ________ - A club is a group, which usually requires one to apply to become a member.
ClubEnglandGentlemen's clubLondon

Question 4: Characteristics shared by members of a group may include ________, values, representations, ethnic or social background, and kinship ties.
InterestBond (finance)DebtCredit (finance)

Question 5: Clique - An informal, tight-knit group, often in a High School/________ setting, that shares common interests.
Gymnasium (school)Public school (government funded)UniversityCollege

Question 6: Established status (________, dominance) relationships;
Working classUpper classSocial classSocial stratification

Question 7: ________ - similar to a squad, though a team may contain many more members.
FootballRugby unionOrganizationTeam

Question 8: The standard classroom with twenty to forty pupils and one teacher offers a rueful example of one supposed ________ juggling a number of subgroups.
LeadershipKurt LewinHumanAnarchism

Question 9: ________ - an organization which runs several instances of a business in many locations.
World Economic ForumFranchisingUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 10: ________ - A community is a group of people with a commonality or sometimes a complex net of overlapping commonalities, often - but not always - in proximity with one another with some degree of continuity over time.
SociologySocial stratificationSocial networkCommunity

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