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Social fascism: Quiz


Question 1: The term "social fascist" was used pejoratively to describe social democratic parties, anti-Comintern and progressive socialist parties, and dissenters within Comintern affiliates throughout the ________.
Early Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesInterwar periodPolish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

Question 2: Social fascism was a theory supported by the Communist International (Comintern) during the early 1930s, which believed that social democracy was a variant of fascism because it stood in the way of a complete and final transition to ________.
CommunismCommunist stateMarxismSocialism

Question 3: This Comintern's theory had roots in ________'s argument that international social democracy is a wing of fascism.
Vladimir LeninGrigory ZinovievLev KamenevLeon Trotsky

Question 4: At the same time, ________ (SPD), under leadership of German chancellor Hermann Müller, agreed with anti-communist parties that "red equals brown".
Nazi PartySocial Democratic Party of GermanyCentre Party (Germany)German People's Party

Question 5: After ________'s Nazis came to power in Germany, the KPD was outlawed and thousands of its members, including Thälmann, were arrested.
Adolf HitlerSchutzstaffelNazi PartyNazi Germany

Question 6: This view was accepted by ________ who described fascism and social democracy as "twin brothers", arguing that fascism depends on the active support of the social democracy and that the social democracy depends on the active support of fascism.
Joseph StalinWinston ChurchillBoris YeltsinHarry S. Truman

Question 7: ________ argued against the accusations of "Social Fascism".
Vyacheslav MolotovLeon TrotskyEduard ShevardnadzeChristian Rakovsky

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