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Question 1: Powerful economic and religious ________ have often used school systems and centralised electronic communications to influence public opinion.
European ParliamentLobbying in the United StatesLobbying in the United KingdomLobbying

Question 2: Formal social control is expressed through law as statutes, rules, and regulations against ________.
CriminologySocial disorganization theorySocial control theoryDeviance (sociology)

Question 3: [2] In ________ societies the goals and mechanisms of formal social control are determined through legislation by elected representatives and thus enjoy a measure of support from the population and voluntary compliance.
John LockeGottfried LeibnizDemocracyAuthoritarianism

Question 4: Theorists such as ________ have argued that systematic bias exists in the modern media.
Henry David ThoreauAnarchismNoam ChomskyNoam Chomsky's political views

Question 5: Sociologist Edward A. Ross argued that ________ systems exert a greater control on human behavior than specific laws, no matter what form the beliefs take.

Question 6: Some totalitarian governments, such as the late Soviet Union or the current ________, rely on the mechanisms of the police state.
North KoreaKorean People's NavySouth KoreaKorean Peninsula

Question 7: According to the propaganda model theory, the leaders of modern, ________-dominated societies employ indoctrination as a means of social control.
CorporationCompanyCorporate lawCompanies law

Question 8: Democracy is restricted as the majority is not given the information necessary to make rational decisions about ________, social, environmental, or economic issues.

Question 9: Many mechanisms of social control are cross-cultural, if only in the control mechanisms used to prevent the establishment of chaos or ________.
Émile DurkheimSociologyPositivismAnomie

Question 10: Social control includes social mechanisms that regulate individual and group behavior, leading to conformity and compliances to the rules of a given society or ________.
CommunitySocial groupSocial stratificationSociology


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